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About Hire STEM Women

Connecting STEM Women , up skilling technical talent, bridging the gender & diversity gap and getting rid of imposter syndrome is our specialty.

Established in 2015 with our headquarters in London, Hire STEM Women a fast-growing start-up, we are committed to making a positive social impact by empowering women in technology and broader science, engineering and mathematical focused careers. With year on year organic growth the organisation is now expanding its reach in Europe in collaboration with award winning partners such as Optiver to bridge the gender and diversity gap.

As a firm our vision is to be one of the largest recruitment platforms for diversity in STEM globally, and we can only get there with your support.  We’re shaping a future where women and diverse groups are able to progress into leadership positions and break the glass ceiling & shape the future for organisations.

We’re focused on AI driven solutions with 100% commitment to diversity & inclusion in STEM sectors.

Not only do we concentrate on upskilling diverse talent, but we provide support to talent to build confidence to pursue STEM careers with bespoke reactive programmes.

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity
Neither growth nor profit nor independence has any real worth unless they are won through complete honesty and probity. We believe in openness and transparency. Acting in an integral way is huge for us.
Working in a collaborative manner is huge for us, we believe in friendships, generosity, and fairness in being part of a collective network & supporting common goals, especially in a fast pace environment. we seek win-for-all solutions.
Freedom & Creativity
This means working with independence and thought with an entrepreneurial creative spirit. It also means working with different cultures and customs an essential part of what we do.
Customer Focused
Our clients are at the heart of what we do. We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business, and we are committed to listening and responding positively to their needs.
Professionalism & Problem Solvers
We believe in acting in a professional & responsible manner. We are at the heart of problem-solving key diversity challenges
Build trust in every relationship.
Impact & Results Driven
We are huge on making an impact in the STEM industry through our diversity goals as a business. Clients trust us to deliver things that work and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results.

An Introduction from our CEO & Founder, Tehreem Sheikh

Lack of diversity has been an ongoing issue for many organisations.  As a female of colour, I appreciate the challenges that women face in their careers especially when you are fighting to break diversity barriers both culturally and, in your career, which is why I started Hire STEM Women. It is paramount that the right investments are made to support women in diversity, we have a long road ahead of us and a massive diversity gap to retain and fill & we can only do that with our partnerships with higher education institutions & leading partner firms. Our main focus in the next few years is to broaden diversity, mental health and instil confidence in individuals from specific social mobility backgrounds.

We thank all our partners for their continuous commitment to diversity. I have ambitious goals for the company and aim to focus our efforts on technology as a business for international growth.

We believe we can solve the skills shortage and provide communities and organisations with the diversity tools to be more inclusive.

Our Corporate Social Commitment

We work closely with Mind charity and are joining the fight for mental health amongst diverse communities. Everyone deserves the help & respect they need to recover. We listen, support recovery, fight stigma & work with partners to take action. We provide services for adults & young people, signposting for everyone & training & consultancy for employers in collaboration with Mind.

We’re proud supporters of OxWEST.  (Oxford Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology) it is one of the largest student-led societies at the University of Oxford. In collaboration with OxWest we promote gender equality in STEM subjects by supporting women studying or working in these fields, spreading awareness of diversity issues in STEM, and encouraging community members to become advocates.

Why Us?

Companies gain a competitive edge in the tech & STEM industry while also making a meaningful contribution to society.
Diversity & Inclusion
Hire STEM Women is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the science, technology, engineering and maths industry. By working with us, companies can demonstrate their commitment to these values and help to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
Top Talent
We have dedicated specialists who work with 90,000+ women and assist them in developing key skills required by various sectors. Our sole focus is to instil confidence amongst diverse communities but also give top industry employers the opportunities to access highly motivated and skilled talent pools.
Industry Expertise
We have a deep understanding of the STEM & tech industry and the challenges that companies face. By partnering with us, companies can benefit from our expertise and gain valuable insights into the industry and also provide candidates with opportunities to learn more about specific sectors.
Networking Opprortunities
We provide opportunities for companies to connect with other leaders in the tech industry. By working with us, companies can expand their professional network and build valuable relationships.
Hire STEM Women is dedicated to promoting innovation in the tech industry. By partnering with us, companies can gain access to new ideas and perspectives that can help them stay ahead of the curve.
Brand Recognition
By working with Hire STEM Women, companies can enhance their brand recognition and reputation. Our platform has a strong reputation in the STEM industry and working with us can help companies establish themselves as leaders in their field.
Cost-Effective Hiring
Hire STEM Women provides a cost-effective hiring solution for companies looking to recruit top female talent in STEM. Our platform streamlines the hiring process and reduces recruitment costs.
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