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Whether you want to build a leading student brand, reach students making buying decisions or drive awareness to your latest offers, we have the technology and the audience to engage your target market with a focus on diversity.

Hire STEM Women collaborate with over 90+ universities + course providers throughout the UK and Europe.There are a number of ways we partner with our course partnership providers.

Hire STEM Women’s mission is to help women in existing science, technology, engineering & maths careers. Our aim is to also  support students to develop their confidence in pursuing a career within these crucial sectors, we provide exposure to women to elite partners allowing them to build confidence and pursue a long term career within various sectors within the STEM industry.

Universities and course providers partner with us as it gives them access to top industries and allows them to engage with key leaders that they would not be able to have access to traditionally. We have a strong focus on breaking barriers of  gender, ethnicity and class. 

WISE Campaign

The workforce WISE campaigns provide statistics on women in the UK STEM workforce, using data from the Office for National Statistics Labour Force. Women are a minority in the STEM sector workforce, the percentage of women STEM employees has increased from 21% in 2016, to 24% in 2019. The gender split differs for specific disciplines: engineering professionals rank lowest with 10% women engineers in 2019, and science professionals much higher with 46% women. Be loved by students

We have analytical tools, data as well as insights to target your message to the young people you want to reach. We know them personally, which means you can target by age, location, passion points, on-site behaviour, study interests and more.

Partner with us now

Partner with us now

Our university directory is your personal university directory allowing our existing students to find out more about the courses you have on offer, it is your personal hub. The content  on your hub is customisable and you are able to create engaging content for applicants who want to decide where they wish to study, for example you can provide us with course information, content from lecturers at your university, diversity initiatives, promotion & support for students in various areas, videos, social media posts and much more it is a great way to promote student life at your institution.

We’re collaborating with 90+ universities in which we assist partner universities promote courses, open days and funding opportunities to relevant undergraduates.  Universities have the opportunity to feature key courses on our platform which is used by more students at UK universities.

We’re proud supporters of OxWEST.  (Oxford Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology) it is one of the largest student-led societies at the University of Oxford. In collaboration with OxWest we promote gender equality in STEM subjects by supporting women studying or working in these fields, spreading awareness of diversity issues in STEM, and encouraging community members to become advocates.

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