Bridging the gender & diversity gap in technology & niche business areas


Bridging the gender & diversity gap in technology & niche business areas

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HER-TECH training academy is an industry-aligned training programme for women who wish to learn more about technology and participate in various upskilling programmes. From Software Development to DevOps to Data Engineering. We understand recruiters sometimes lack the technical knowledge to hire specialist talent and we have a dedicated team of technical specialists who are experienced in technology giving you a scalable, flexible and innovative way to hire. With a rigorous deployment model we are then able to consistently deploy candidates into partner firm roles and deliver professional development support designed to improve your tech capabilities and increasing female + diverse representation in an ever competitive and thriving industry. Bring in diverse graduates that hit the ground running, trained to become your future leaders in tech.

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Traditional education lays the groundwork – but our curriculum adapts to meet ever-changing requirements.

We start with a skills gap analysis. This sees us collaborating with a client’s teams, this can be from the tech team to HR to ensure we understand your requirements. We tailor our training programmes to the industry. According to a report by BCG

“We found that women in STEM, and in particular women aged 34 and younger, value learning new skills as a path to job changes and promotions. And when organizations offer STEM skills training, they make themselves attractive not only to women but also to all in-demand talent, because the vast majority of both male and female STEM professionals are eager to pick up new skills.”

The future is in your hands - We don’t just look at the traditional routes into technology. We have a strong diverse pipeline of individuals that we train into technology regardless of degrees.

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We select for potential over experience in a degree-agnostic process – some of our most high-flying graduates have degrees in Geography, Philosophy, Physics, Economics and varying backgrounds. You don’t need a computer science degree for a career in tech.

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Hiring bright tech talent is difficult. There's the costly recruitment, time consuming admin, there's not enough talent to match your tech gaps and on top of all that you've got to compete with candidates fielding multiple offers.

We have a large pool of skilled candidates available to kick start their journey at your firm. In order to maximise ROI with partners, candidates commit to a set time of employment directly with Hire STEM Women avoiding losing candidates to competitor firms locking them in early to ensure they are fed into your pipeline. It can be challenging to assess the right candidate for the right role at your firm. We consistently run skills benchmark tests to ensure the constant ever changing tech market skills are being met and candidates have the knowledge they require to stay at the firm ensuring we are working on retention post recruitment.  We understand the challenges from hiring managers looking to recruit the right talent for specialist programmes and we have dedicated resources in place to help you build the right candidate programme.

AMPLIFY – Recruitment, training & deployment

We work with employers to reduce the problems of hiring. We enable businesses to scale rapidly and enhance their tech capabilities by attracting, upskilling and training tech talent before deploying them into tech organisations. Our tech specialists are trained and certified in the latest digital skills including Data, Cloud, Software and Cyber Security.

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