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Sam Smith

  • I first heard about Hire STEM Women when I had finished my exams for my final year of university. I was in the process of applying for jobs and Hire STEM Women got in touch with me as they wanted to help aid the process.

I was really impressed, I didn’t really know initiatives like this existed and were so accessible. Hire STEM Women clearly knew how to coach me and aid me through the process with their knowledge and experience.

Hire STEM Women provided me coach/mentor who aided me throughout the interviewing process. Hire STEM Women were able to provide me with clear directions on how to reach my full potential to help me pass each stage. I was coached and mentored in each phase and this included reading my cover letter, giving me feedback on my presentation skills and walking me through what the Assessment Centre may look like.

Don’t stop looking and stay positive. You only need one YES! Getting help is really important too, it can help put you at ease. However this isn’t a way to cheat your way to getting a job, much rather it is a push in the right direction.

I have has a career change and now work as a UX/UI Content Design in Capgemini, whereas before I was working as a SAP Functional Consultant. In my new role a typical day for me is going to stand up, looking at what tickets are assigned to me in JIRA and working through them to come up with content with my team. I go to quite a few meetings to make sure I am knowledable about what content needs to be written and any information provided can aid my design. I am also currently doing a UX Diploma with the UX Design Institute, so I try to use some hours to progress in that.

They really cared about passion and personality, they wanted someone who was aware of what was going on in the business world as well what is happening in the technology space. My coach at Hire Stem Women explained the importance of me doing research to make sure I was aware and due to this I was able to pick the technology topic of AI to speak about in my presentation.

It is a learning curve and the more practice you get the better you will be, having the support of Hire STEM Women really pushed me to practice and keep trying,

I had 5 stages:

  1. Cover Letter and CV
  2. Video Interview
  3. Psychometrics
  4. Recorded Presentation
  5. Assessment Centre

I think I have and the best way I dealt with them was by making sure I had a mentor by my side. Either externally or internally, being able to speak to someone with experience to come up with a solution or a plan to move forward is super useful.

Personally, I do not think so – I more so was intrigued by a career in STEM just by watching people talk about their everyday jobs and falling in love with modules related to STEM. Now, I find it amazing that there are so many stories out there which we can read and learn about to become more inspired.

I love going to the gym, cooking, pole fitness, walks! I also have a few side hobbies where I help small businesses with their website designs.

I do and still do! I think the best way to combat it is to make sure you keep up with your research. If you get given a task, I recommend doing a deep dive and finding out all the information you can and then ask questions! This shows everyone you are proactive and passionate to learn.

I do, I have previously worked with Hire STEM Women to showcase my ‘success’ story. I also have been buddies to graduates with my company to help aid their journey!

I think it means being a woman who is able to handle whatever comes her way and trying her best!

Absolutely, Hire Stem Women put me on the right path to kickstart my career!

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