Questions to ask employers at interviews
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To ask some of your own, you don’t need to wait for the interviewer to ask, “Do you have any questions for us?” An in-person or online video interview can naturally lead to this type of conversation. This, however, only applies to ‘live’ video interviews in which you converse with the interviewer; pre-recorded video interviews won’t provide the same level of freedom.

Preparing your questions in advance is a smart idea. You can have three questions regarding the employer and three question bout the role itself in mind. These questions can be written down and brought with you if you’d like to help refresh your memory, but you should avoid reading them out in a way that suggests you’re determined to ask the questions you’ve prepared word for word.

Questions  to ask when employers towards the end of your interview

Often when you have finished with an interview the employer would give you an opportunity to ask questions, at this stage is never a good idea to ask about salaries, that will come later, you want to show your passion for the company and how well researched you are, here are our top 4 questions we think will help you in the interview process.

Will the market’s preference for X influence how you work?

This question also draws on your knowledge and comprehension of current breakthroughs in the field in which you wish to work in. Read the news daily and any relevant specialist journals on a regular basis, and keep an eye out for developments concerning the employer and the market. Always be aware of any professional organizations that have issued statements or provided media comments on recent occurrences.

Y seem to be competitors. Is it critical for you to execute Z?

With this question, you have yet another opportunity to exhibit your research, which will indicate your passion and enthusiasm for the role. While researching the employer and the industry in which they operate, don’t forget to learn about the company’s significant competitors.

What can I anticipate from my training?

If you’ve already acquired a lot of information about it, such as the qualification you’ll be studying for, ask for specifics on how the training will be delivered. For example, you may inquire about the ratio of formal training in a classroom or on your own vs. on-the-job training.

Can you tell me about the team?

If you know the team, you may add “such as” and more specific questions like “Is the entire team in the office most days, or are there any who work remotely?” “How frequently do teams meet?” It might be that you have this information already from the job description and you can talk about your excitement for potentially working with the team and ask about the team structure instead in more detail.

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