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Hire STEM Women is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with an industry-leading market maker, Optiver.

About Optiver

Discover Optiver, a leading global trading firm powered by technical innovation. For 35+ years, Optiver has been improving financial markets around the world, making them more transparent and efficient for all participants. With our focus on cutting-edge engineering, data science and research, we actively trade on 70+ exchanges, where we’re trusted to always provide accurate buy and sell pricing – no matter the market conditions. 

With nine global offices from Shanghai to Sydney, and Amsterdam to Chicago, we’re passionate about attracting and developing the next generation of tech and trading talent.

What we look for at Optiver

Collaborative thinkers

While most of our people are competitive at heart, we still believe that our best work is done together. Our unique internal culture fosters an environment that not only accepts working together on projects but encourages it.

Continuous learners

At Optiver, continuous innovation is the name of the game. Whether it’s trading, technology, compliance, risk or business operations, our flexible career paths provide opportunities for our people to continuously improve upon and fine tune their skills.

Challenge seekers

The strategies and technology we deploy to keep the markets stable are deeply complex. Our people thrive on finding ways to do all of these things faster, smarter and more efficiently — every single day.

Entrepreneurial spirits

We encourage our people to step out of their comfort zones as often as they can. The sharing of ideas can come from anyone, and we take pride in our people feeling comfortable to openly do so to uncover new opportunities and unlock new potential.

Optiver's internship opportunities

Optiver approaches its internship as a long-term investment. By undergoing the same trainings and work as our full-time tech, trading and data science teams, you’ll see what impact you can make at a leading global trading firm. We offer three internship pathways, tailored to align with your career aspirations:

  1. Trading internship: Immerse yourself in the world of trading, gaining practical experience through simulated trading and comprehensive in-house training. You’ll develop projects that directly impact our trading desks and evolving strategies.
  2. Research and data science internships: Put your quantitative skills to the test by developing and improving Optiver’s trading strategies. You’ll explore real-world research problems with support from mentors, influencing Optiver’s trades and maximising your impact.
  3. Technology internship: Develop latency-critical applications that help Optiver improve the markets. With guidance from your mentor, team, and senior developers, you’ll experience the excitement of a fast-paced development cycle – owning a tight feedback loop, testing, and shipping your code to production.

Our comprehensive perks and benefits are designed to support every aspect of our interns well-being, both in the workplace and beyond. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when joining Optiver:

  • Deluxe living arrangements: We provide deluxe complimentary accommodation, making your transition smooth and your stay enjoyable.
  • Food & drinks: Our in-house chefs and award-winning baristas ensure that every meal is an experience, fueling creativity and energy with a wide variety of delicious options.
  • Social connection and networking: From boat tours to weekly company events, we offer a myriad of opportunities to connect and network.
  • Wellbeing: Enjoy weekly professional massages, subsidised gym memberships, and everything you need to keep yourself fit, relaxed, and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Insight Days – Women in tech & trading is an exclusive programme designed to introduce female-identifying students to life at Optiver. Open to students at all stages of their studies, the two-day event offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of market making, gain knowledge about world-class trading systems, take part in workshops presented by women at Optiver, receive mentorship from industry professionals and enjoy networking events.

Introducing the Optiver Foundation

Science, technology and education are at the core of what we do at Optiver. Our Foundation is focused on supporting organisations that share the same values and mission. In particular, we’re interested in how technology and academia can be used to address, and potentially solve, some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Areas of focus: 

Diversity – An inclusive and diverse workforce fosters a culture of trust and respect and strengthens our ability to innovate and thrive. We all have a role to play in creating equal opportunities for others. One way is through increasing access to education. In many parts of the world, talented young people lack opportunity. We can change this by empowering future generations through access to learning opportunities.

Environmental action – Environmental action is a prerequisite to achieving a prosperous and sustainable future for all. From reforestation to water conservation to reducing carbon emissions, we seek to play an active role in helping reverse the impact of climate change.

Learn more about the Optiver Foundation here.

The Optiver Foundation Partners with Women Win

In celebration of International Women’s Day, The Optiver Foundation is pleased to announce its next long-term partnership: Women Win.

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