How to identify a truly diverse and inclusive employer
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How to identify a truly diverse and inclusive employer?

Diversity and inclusion are now crucial factors in every successful business. Job seekers must pick firms that promote diversity and inclusion in practice. A varied and inclusive workplace encourages people to express their ideas and treats them with respect. This post will explain five key ways to spot a diverse and inclusive company to help you choose the right company for you.

 1. Evaluate their mission and values

To get started, it’s important to review the company’s stated goals and guiding principles.Try to find sections that address key issues head-on. An employer who really values diversity and inclusion would take steps to foster an environment where all employees feel valued and respected. Check the company’s diversity and inclusion statements against the steps they have taken.

 2. Research their diversity initiatives

Learn more about the company’s efforts to promote equality and diversity. Try to find initiatives, regulations, and customs that don’t just scratch the surface. Diverse and inclusive organizations have official rules and procedures. Activities like inclusive leadership development, unconscious bias education, and employee resource groups are examples of this.

A company that proactively seeks to build a diverse workforce for instance, attending diversity job fairs, forming partnerships with minority groups, and monitoring diversity indicators are crucial when looking at organizations’ diversity initiatives. You can also check out our employer directory page here at Hire STEM Women to see some of the initiatives our partners are working on in the diversity space.

3. Examine employee testimonials and reviews

Look for evaluations and testimonials to get a feel of the company’s inclusiveness and culture. The reviews and comments of former and current workers on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn may be quite insightful. Listen to suggestions concerning diversity, inclusiveness, and career development. An inclusive workplace may be shown by several positive testimonies from employees with a variety of backgrounds.

A good indicator of a truly diverse and inclusive workplace is positive feedback that points out the company’s efforts to promote an environment where all employees feel valued and respected.

4. Assess leadership diversity

Check out the management team and see how they got there. Diversity-minded companies and inclusion will include people from different backgrounds in key leadership roles. Diversify your executive team, board of directors, and other positions of leadership. Leadership that is inclusive demonstrates a willingness to ensure everyone in the group has a voice and is heard.

One way to indicate that you value diversity and inclusion is to have a leadership team that reflects the diversity of your workforce in terms of gender, race, and other demographics.

5. Consider employee resource groups (ERGs)

Organizational diversity and inclusion are greatly aided by ERGs or employee resource groups. These organizations facilitate communication, mutual aid, and representation amongst workers who have common experiences or interests. Find out whether the company has employee resource groups (ERGs) that represent your group’s interests. An organization that actively promotes ERGs shows its dedication to creating a welcoming and diverse work environment for its employees.

For instance, if an organization actively promotes employee resource groups (ERGs) for women, people of color, and people with disabilities, it sends a strong message that it values and respects its diverse workforce.


Finding an organization that is both diverse and welcoming requires digging deeper than just words. You may discover a company’s history dedication to making everyone feel welcome  backgrounds by investigating its diversity initiatives, reading employee testimonials, evaluating the diversity of its leadership, and thinking about whether or not it has Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Check your employer is truly committed to diversity and inclusion, not just lip service. Joining a club that values your expertise can help you thrive, life background, and point of view.

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