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  1. Simply click on SIGN UP on the top right corner and follow the on screen instructions

  2. Making a video allows you to sell yourself to a potential employer. It is an opportunity to allow you to shine and make an impact. As a bonus we give some very useful tips too!

  3. That is fine, we travel a lot and visit universities every year to do the video recording. If you are based outside the UK you are able to do your video at the comfort of your home, however your video will need to follow a particular format before we are able to approve your profile. Please click here to see the tips on how to create a compelling video.

  4. On submission of your profile, we will email you a date and time for you to come in to do your video with us.

  5. No, as a seeker the service is free. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions as well as privacy policy for further information.

  6. No, we will email you to inform you that your profile has been unsuccessful. There are a number of factors why your profile has been unsuccessful; this can be inaccurate information supplied or poor video quality. We will either way let you know if you have been successful or unsuccessful. Please note due to high volumes it does take a bit of time to get back in touch.

  7. That’s not a problem; we visit universities and offices to do a video recording. Please refer to our video interview tips.

  8. Please refer to our video tips section on our website.

  9. Please email

  10. Please email us on and we would be happy to discuss options with you.